2014 Best of the Net nominations

Best of the Net is sponsored by Sundress Publications. It’s that time again! Here are our nominations. Good luck to our nominees!


From July 2013 issue:

“Modern Woman,” Crystal Simone Smith

“Songs My Mother Taught Me,” Jeremy Windham

From November 2013 issue:

“Byzantine Stillness,” Betsy Martin

From February 2014 issue:

“Lasts,” Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach

From May 2014 issue:

“Where The World Ends,” Chanel Brenner

Short Stories

Both from November 2013 issue:

“None Of Your Business,” Prudence Fenton

“The Homeowners,” Steve Vermillion


From May 2014 issue:

“Euclid’s Bride: ‘Eureka,’” Sarah Odishoo

From November 2013 issue:

“Time Served,” Patrick O’Neil

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