A boy and a girl,
Twelve, maybe thirteen,
Walking slowly, engaged
In conversation,

But not touching,
Although I can see
In their tentative bodies
That they want to. This

Is the scary, yet sweet
Beginning of a journey
To what the future might be,
Although maybe not with

This particular boy
And this particular girl.

—Christopher Kuhl


BIO: Christopher Kuhl holds a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Arts from Ohio University. His work has been published in many journals, including Prairie Schooner, Tulane Review, Alabama Literary Review, Red Ochre Press, and the online publication Glass: A Journal of Poetry. In his spare time, he reads a wide gamut of genres and studies Hebrew. Originally from the Adirondacks of New York, he currently resides in the Midwest where, even after more than twenty-five years, he is still trying to adjust to the flatness (although he finds the people quite lovely).