Climbing into the Bus

Having snapped
a tiny padlock
through the zippers’ eyes,
I hoist my backpack up
where a boy ropes it
down with other bags,
then step inside
and squeeze
into an open space
sitting among the other
the sticky air,
the engine’s sound
and fumes.
I’ve come here to learn
español, to find words
that speak the ruins
that mark me,
the testimony
of damage, the road
that curves itself
across the land.

—George Such


BIO: George Such is a fourth-year English Ph.D. student at University of Louisiana. He completed his M.A. in English at Western Washington University in 2012, and before that was a chiropractor for twenty-seven years in Washington State. His poetry collection Where the Body Lives won the 2012 Tiger’s Eye Chapbook Contest and is available from Tiger’s Eye Press.