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Rayne Affonso: The Lonely and the Bright

George Such: Climbing into the Bus

Victoria Laboz: Fingerprints

Gregg Winkler: I See You

Miguel Eichelberger: The Great Disappointment

Sarah Brown Weitzman: Time



Sarvat Hasin: Dumplings (with artwork by Nayeon Hong)

Nora Shychuk: The Island of Disappointment

Eleanor Haglund: Over

Lenny Levine: Libido

Gary Floyd: Grief



Carissa Hanson: Girls, God, and Myself

Robert A. Bak: Why Is There a Queue?


Cover art Painting Lines Across the Sky – Birds on Wires by Chris Crabtree.


BIO: Chris Crabtree is a Kansas City singer-songwriter originally hailing from the sagebrush plains of the Texas Panhandle. His music provided the soundtrack for the award-winning feature documentary Corporate FM. Formerly of the electronic-space-music duo, Tacit Blue, he turned his attention to his first love of songwriting and released his first rock album, Counterfeit Heart, in November 2015. That record served as a soundtrack to his novel, Zen and the Art of Killing Your Self, also released at the same time. His music draws from the sounds of Ryan Adams, Daniel Lanois, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, U2, and Bob Dylan.