Function from Form

I love alliteration.
It rolls ripe and tantalizing from my tongue.
Licking at the pages, lapping up the words,
savoring the sensual sound of each clever consonant combination.
Strings of sweet syllables transform into playful passages, seducing my willing ears.
My mind, maker of meaning, loses interest in intent,
lapses into mere receptive mechanism for the melody of mirrored sound,
in deference to delivery, disregarding function,
preferring the form from which it comes.

—Chiara DeLuna


BIO: With a doctorate in Human Development, Chiara DeLuna carefully observes and interprets human behavior, a practice that contributes to her creative writing. Since 2006, she has made creative writing part of her weekly schedule. She loves exploring different voices and genres. Second to writing, Chiara also loves to cook, experimenting with new ingredients and flavors to produce unexpected results. Her two lifetime goals are to be posthumously famous as the author with the most diverse set of published work ever discovered, and to popularize the peanut butter and pickle sandwich.