Volume 4, Issue 13

Dewdrops by K. A. HubbardClick on the cover to download the entire Volume 4, Issue 13 issue, or read the individual pieces.


Brian Baumgart:
It’s Not Cool For A Man To Love Cats

William Wright Harris: Ode On An Iron

Robert Rothman: The Kiss Suite

Salvatore Attardo: Graduation

Jenny Billings Beaver: The Lord’s Supper

Brian Baumgart: She Says She Can Smell

Heather Holliger: Prayer

Joe Amaral: The Perfect Recipe

Ron Antonucci: Not that we would ever

KB Ballentine: Anniversaries

John Grey: Silence At The Other End

Jeffrey Park: Waiting

Alan Catlin: Anne’s Dolls

Carol Carpenter: What I Remembered


Short Stories

Kalela Williams: Home Burial

Jasmon Drain: Wood-Colored, Drink-Filled Breeze

Mekiya Walters: Stall


Personal Essays

Doc Kimble: Lupe

Anthony J. Mohr: 26.9