Volume 4, Issue 14

TwirlGiggleDizzy and the Decades Fade Away by Amy TolbertClick on the cover to download the entire issue, or read the individual pieces.


Sue Fagalde Lick: No Interruptions

Gail Eisenhart: The Stalker

Kenny Fame: Kwansaba: Pruning Hydrangeas

Gene McCormick: Sleeping Beauty, Retold

Kat Stromquist: In The Pines

Gary Beck: Adaptation

Robert H. Guard: A Short History Of Flight

Allie Marini Batts: hunter

Sue Fagalde Lick: His Whisker

Eileen Hennessy: What Kind Of Hair

Kat Stromquist: 26 Days Since Conception

Gene McCormick: Maraschino Sunday

Peycho Kanev: Part Of The City

Zarah C. Moeggenberg: Girl Texting At The Bar

Jed Myers: No Words Necessary


Short Stories

J Carlo Gorgone: The Good Doctor

Christine Sullivan: It Could Have Been Anybody

Anders Benson: Let’s Rob A Bank

Lynne T. Pickett: Cheese Sandwiches

Shea Moore: Summer Of Bee

Samantha Chong: Unexpected Treasures

Lisa Hill-Corley: See Staff


Personal Essays

Nicole Alexander: Fam

Kevin Brown: Two Poems And Small Comforts

Sarah Fonseca: Limbs To Roots