Volume 4, Issue 15

Utah Mountain Birch by Keith MoulClick on the cover to download the entire issue, or read the individual pieces.


Peace Madueme: Don’t Trust A Poet

Mary E. Delabruere: Illiterate Heart

Peace Madueme: Text Speak

C.W. Emerson: Bargain

John Grey: Shopping For One

Bob Brill: Brief Encounter

Nyk Robertson: Fairy Tale

Catherine McGuire: Sampling

Vincen Gregory Yu: Café Comforts

John Grey: Wedding In The Rain

Nyk Robertson: Barbie Doll

Mary E. Delabruere: Marathon Thoughts

Layla Schubert: Dry Socket

Short Stories

Prudence Fenton: Aftershave

Michele A. Hromada: Acedia And The Russian Blue

JWM Morgan: Edmund Of Few Words In Love

Katherine Hubbard: Queen For A Day

John Morrison: Superheroes Lost

Joel R. Burcat: The Job

Personal Essays

Felicia Schneiderhan: Divorce—Chicago Style

Mary Koral: Baby Stealer?

Maria A. Costantini: The Precocity Of Shoes