Volume 5, Issue 17

Muminance by Chris CrabtreeClick on the cover to download the entire issue, or read the individual pieces.


Neal Lewing: March March

Christine Kravetz: Two Orchids

Laura Schulkind: I Let Him Sleep

Gloria Ludlam Bennett: An Evening In Paris

Stephanie Schultz: S

Jennifer Ruth Jackson: Minute Time Travel Of A Lover Pained

Gail Eisenhart: Burned

Katie Rendon Kahn: Jagged

Catherine McGuire: Cellular Angel

Károly Sándor Pallai: Angels FAQ

Jessie Nash: Bind

Joan Mazza: Why My Dog Isn’t Speaking To Me

Short Stories

Bernard Jacob: Snow In Davos

Steve Force: The Imposter

Alice Benson: Deep Inside The Crazy

Carolyn Ziel: Breathing In Phoenix

Natasha Cabot: Fostering A Happy Marriage

Personal Essays

J.E. Wantz: The Wrong Body

Wendy Thornton: The Queen Victoria Syndrome