Volume 5, Issue 18

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Irène Mathieu: July 4th

A. Anupama: Again Orchids

Amy Seifried: The First Day Of Summer

Nathaniel Lee Hansen: Collegiate Villanelle

Alan Catlin: The Optimist’s Daughter’s Hair

Minh Pham: Vietnam Hero

Crystal Simone Smith: Chick Music

Janice Wilson Stridick: Lost Girl

Amy Seifried: The Knife Thrower’s Assistant

Crystal Simone Smith: Modern Woman

Paul Watsky: Auto-Exegesis

Tyler Kline: Summertime

JD Scott: Contagionist

Greg W. Lyons: My Mantis And Me

Minh Pham: Three Words

Jeremy Windham: Songs My Mother Taught Me

Gloria Ludlam Bennett: Strangers

Short Stories

Henry G. Miller: Tony And Tony

Elaine Barnard: Something To Look Forward To

Birdie Turner: The Secrets People Keep (with photo by Mark Oet)

Prudence Fenton: None Of Your Business

Thomas Kearnes: The Source of Trouble

Elizabeth Thompson: Tip Jar

Personal Essays

Nicole Bartley: Popping A Cherry With A Lemon

Kevin Brown: Just What Kind Of Loser Am I?