Volume 5, Issue 19

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Autumn Twilight by Jennifer A. Powers


Domenic Scopa: October Hurricane

Bob Brill: Autumn Song

Laura Schulkind: The Promises Of Autumn

Wanda Morrow Clevenger: Shadow People

Phil Carriere: Street Player

Bob Brill: Birdcage

Alan Catlin: Double Images

Betsy Martin: Byzantine Stillness (with photo by Arah Ko)

Matt LaFreniere: Linoleum Dojo

Kimberlee Thompson: Never, Little Girl

Don Thompson: Rust

Annie Chen: leaving

Jesse Saldana: Mother Tongue

Kimberlee Thompson: Saturday’s Prayer

Gary Glauber: An Octave Apart

Short Stories

Deborah S. Prespare: Still Haunted (with photo by Antonia Chan)

Dominic Laing: Naked And Glistening

Robert Marshall: Special Baby

Steve Vermillion: The Homeowners

Caroline Bruckner: Enclosure

Elaine Kaye: Stalked

George Morgan Scott: Silver Wing

Candace Armstrong: Tilt

Personal Essays

Patrick O’Neil: Time Served

Iris Dorbian: To Friend Or Not To Friend

Erin Tomlonson: The Briefest Moment